Server Changelogs 2/16-3/15

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Over the past month, the development team has been hard at work fixing bugs and releasing new addons. Below is the full list of all changes. To view changes as they come out view the #changelogs channel on Discord.

[~] Recoded about 90% of core features to fix things.
[~] Recoded how player data is handled.
[~] Working on adding monitoring software to help track server info. (Example image below)
[~] Fixed store URL returning cloudflare errors.
[~] Recoded the hub plugin.
[~] Added a first time welcome bonus of 100 coins (network wide, not survival)
[~] All core messages have a unique message format, they will no longer have random different formats.
[~] Added a bunch of new staff commands.
[~] Added /coins - Display's network coins.
[~] Added /gems - Display's network gems.
[~] /server will now just return the server your on. Very helpful when reporting bugs.
[~] Remade how chat works.
[~] Chat can now be slowed or silenced if needed.
[~] New vanish system.
[~] Hub will now backup and restore the world on each restart. (Party in lobby anyone?)
[~] Double Jump added to hub.
[~] Player visibility added to hub. (saves in all hubs and on relog)
[~] Added commands for high level staff to change player's data.
[~] Upon joining survival if you had invalid/blacklisted blocks in your inventory they will be removed.
[~] If you attempt to pickup a blacklisted block in survival it will send an error and delete the block.
[~] /report has been recoded.
[~] Servers can now be restarted from other servers on the network by staff, this is very useful for updates.
[~] We are working on making PE directly connect to Survival to prevent any need to join the hub.
[~] Switched to using redis for basic cross server functions.
[~] Added a bunch of debug messages for developers. This will help us track any issues that may occur and track all parts of the core.
[~] Forcefield now usable by admins/media players in lobby.
[~] Recoded how balances are handled in survival.
[~] Updated Core features to support all mc versions from 1.8-1.16.x.
[~] Removed the disconnect.spam issue. (Finally)
[~] Added command cooldown system.
[~] NPC's added to hub.
[~] Started work on rewards system.
[~] Fixed chat formatting issue.
[~] Implemented balance commands for survival.
[~] Fixed fall damage when using admin commands.
[~] New Exclusive Prefs added for select ranks.
[~] Repair Command
[~] Clear Inventory Command
[~] Hat Command
[~] Scramble Chat Game Added
[~] Workbench Command
[~] Enderchest Command
[~] Basic framework of a player following companion added. More to come.
[~] NPC Treasure Hunt added to Hub.
[~] Fixed issues with coins/gems commands
[~] Lots of small bug fixes
[~] All Hub NPC's now have unique skins
[~] Permission system implemented.
[~] Survival core created and commands/events implemented by @Christo
[~] Fixed issues with Geyser support.
[~] Geyser/Bedrock users will now directly connect to survival not hub. (this may change in the future depending on gamemodes)
[~] Setup survival join/leave messages
[~] Connected survival to Core.
[~] NPC error catches
[~] Survival Shop
[~] fly command
[~] gamemode commands
[~] Stat tracking foundation created.
[~] Disabled reload command to prevent @Cactus from breaking things again.
[~] Added check to see if the player played survival before and if not give them a welcome bonus.
[~] Added scoreboard to survival.
[~] Added spawn command to survival.
[~] Fixed first join spawn on survival.
[~] Death events fixed.
[~] Bunch of admin commands improved.
[~] Current balance now shown in shop. - @Christo
[~] Fixed issue with admin command at hub not saving data after resetting treasure hunt settings.
[~] Survival world has now been setup correctly. - @zay
[~] Spawn regions setup correctly. - @zay / @Cactus
[~] Loot command fixed and recoded into a GUI.
[~] Shop updated to support bedrock.
[~] Buying more claim blocks with /buyclaimblocks <amount> added.
[~] When servers restart you will now be sent to lobby.
[~] Punishment system deployed server wide.
[~] @Cactus loves to break stuff so added something in for fun but he will never find it. Goodnight.
[~] Pay command added.
[~] Leaderboards added. (Only bal top will be active on release)
[~] TPA commands added.
[~] Stats command added. (not enabled on release)
[~] RandomTP command added. (20min cooldown)
[~] Kits/Loot GUI added.
[~] Some message fixes.
[~] Fixes
[~] Rank fixes
[~] Store hooked and commands updated
[~] Database server upgraded. I blame @Cactus for crashing this.
[~] Pushed final changes to production.
[~] /sethome added.
[~] Chat formatting updated.
[~] Implemented Lag Removal Features.
[~] Fixed /craft command.
[~] Updated the Hub Treasure Hunt Game.
[~] Updated the Server MOTD to reflect the release.
[~] Fixed various Bugs.
[~] Fixed issues with /pay
[~] Fixed issues with survival players not getting $500 on first join
[~] Changed color of death messages
[~] Deployed entity leaderboard menu! (You can now see 53 entity leaderboards)
[~] Recoded how restarts are handed internally to send players to Hub earlier so the shutdown does not get stuck.
[~] Preparing for tomorrows end event!
[~] /warps added!
[~] Balance updater added to prepare to roll out donator's one time extra funds via ranks.
[~] Fixed items in leaderbaords GUI.
[~] PVP disabled globally.
[~] /dback added to teleport to last death location.
[~] We are now logging who pays what users what amounts.
[~] Updated Store to accept multiple payment methods
[~] Fixed a handful of website permissions for staff and members
[~] Rank balance benefits have rolled out.
[~] Changed a bunch of server settings for next restart.
[~] Fixed a bunch of issues.
[~] Changed clear lag settings to fix mob spawning.
[~] Phantoms disabled.
[~] Limited mob spawns per chunk tell we get the new machine running.
[~] Fixed shutdown event not kicking to lobby.
[~] Fixed dback command.
[~] Fixed magma cream not appearing in GUI.
[~] Other small fixes.
[~] Entity leaderboards fully rolled out.
[~] New death messages.
[~] Cactus hug command changed.
[~] Admin permissions updated.
[~] Added mob drops to GUI.
[~] Added paper support for core.
[~] Update time increased.
[~] Force leaderboard update command added.
[~] Fixes.
[~] Tab list has rank names and color now.
[~] Join messages work with rank names and color now.
[~] Shop items for mobs/combat added.
[~] Fixed hugs command again.
[~] Lots of staff vanish changes.
[~] Player balancing has been rolled out server wide.
[~] You will now be randomly sent to either Lobby-1 or Lobby-2 on join depending on player count.
[~] /hub has been recoded to balance players.
[~] Restart has been recoded to balance players.
[~] Fixed an issue that caused servers to not auto-restart when required.
[~] Added build server for the build team.
[~] @Cactus hug system was updated.
[~] @Christo is making great progress on a upcoming gamemode!
[~] Entity leaderboards fixed.
[~] /rtp enabled.
[~] Server management system confirmed working.
[~] New staff alert system added.
[~] Added new items to core for next gamemode.
[~] Announcement added for when a player purchases something from store.
[~] Repair command fixed.
[~] Fixed issues with anticheat moving players back in hub on double jump or admin punch.
[~] Fixed issue with block types being the same in hub player selection.
[~] Changed method for adding velocity to users.
[~] Fixed spigot error with velocity over 4.
[~] Cooldown has been added to /report.
[~] New staff commands added.
[~] Recoded how vanish mode works.
[~] Test commands can now only be used on TEST servers.
[~] Removed MySQL fully except home system (recode soon).
[~] Leaderboards now only update once an hour to prevent bandwidth overcharges.
[~] Fully switched over to player balancing methods.
[~] Remade how join events work with priorities to fix issues with scoreboards now loading on first join.
[~] When a lobby restarts it will send you to another lobby.
[~] Fixed error on loading profile not kicking the players.
[~] Fixed an issue with profiles duplicating.
[~] When the server restarts it will now state restarting rather then stopping in the message.
[~] Fixed issues with welcome rewards not being given. (rewards will now be given to past players)
[~] Fixed issue with treasurehunt being at 10/10 by default.
[~] Re-enabled player tracking.
[~] Updated Geyser
[~] Updated backend software
[~] This should have also fixed any network issues.
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