Announcements Myntora General Updates - 4/18/2021


Hello everyone, today I'm going to be giving you some major network updates.

Prison Update:

We are carefully moving through the final testing phases in order to ensure the best possible experience for you when it comes time for everyone to join us on the server. At this time we have put all builds and code together and are testing every single command and functionality to create a smooth playing experience. We have also added the landscape for the "outside world" within the prison. Today we will continue testing and also be making some last-minute additions in order to make this experience effortless for you as a player. I hope to be able to come to you all with a release date soon, keep an eye out for announcements.

General Updates:

At this time we have chosen to upgrade all of our systems, some of which have been outlined in changelogs in Discord. We have decided with our development team to completely rework how player data is saved and handled to create a more efficient experience. This will also fix some issues with joining the network etc. MySQL has been completely recoded, data saving has been recoded, along with a host of other things better outlined by Noodles in changelogs.

Survival Updates:

However, with this data change the current version of survival will no longer be functional. While this is disappointing, it gives time to upgrade and revamp survival if you all wish to have it back. Survival will be officially closing as of today (4/18/2021) at 11:00 am EST. We are sad to see the first version of survival go as it was the start of our network. We would like to thank all of you for sticking around to see survival and all of our changes with it, this first attempt at a game mode for our network was a major learning experience and we see where we can improve from here. With that survival will be closed until further notice, this is because we would like to take the time to make the improvements needed to make the experience enjoyable as well as keep it from getting boring. At this time we do not have any timeline as to when survival will be back but we will be sure to keep you all in the loop.

Finally, with the closing of survival, I will begin to post a weekly schedule for UHC. This will allow for us to schedule games at a time when you all know to enter the network in order to be able to participate in these games and enjoy some PVP whilst waiting for prison and our other upcoming projects. UHC games will be hosted multiple times a day so make sure to get in on the action!

Psst... also keep an eye out for giveaways in Discord, they're happening regularly!

Thank you all for the endless support of our network,
Myntora Leadership
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