Announcements End of the month updates! 4/30/2021


Hello everyone! Tonight I am coming to you with an April recap as well as some exciting updates!

April recap:
We have finished the 4th month of 2021! With that our team has been hard at work to create the best possible experience for you all! As you have seen in changelogs, Noodles and Christo have made many adjustments in this time! This month alone we have released chat tags, a network leveling system, network statistics, network boosters, and so much more! Thanks to Noodles and Cactus you may also now link your Discord account to your forums account! Behind the scenes, myself and Cactus have also been hard at work! Currently, I am in the midst of game design for multiple future game modes as well as researching those game modes to see how we can make them better! Cactus has been hard at work on all network documents and planning our next release Myntora FFA! We have also been coordinating with our staff team to prepare for the release of Prison, and help each of them get assigned to their roles within the network! We are also at almost 400 members in our Discord server! Myself and Cactus would like to give a personal thank you to the community for all of your support of our network! We hope to make this the best possible Minecraft experience and are so glad that you have chosen to be a part of that!

Prison update:
We have moved into the staff testing phases of prison. At this point, we are carefully combing through the entire playing experience from the perspective of the player. Each staff member has been set to a default/purchasable rank in order to make sure that each player has the ability to play prison and use all necessary commands and functionalities. With that, there is still more testing to be done. I will be in a general voice for a 15-minute public viewing of prison and its components on Saturday, May 15th at 12:00 PM EST so that you can all see what we have been working on! This includes things like the general layout of the build, a leveling system, cells, and more! I hope to have an update in regards to a release date by mid-May!

Survival Update:
As you all saw in my Discord announcement on 4/18/2021 survival season one has officially closed. At this time I am in the midst of completely redesigning survival and all of its components before sending that game design plan off to our development team. Please use the suggestions channel on Discord to post things you would like to see added or improved upon. At this time I am planning for survival to expand to a world of custom enchantments, shops, crates, and much much more! We are at this time asking for your patience in regards to the timeline of survival, our development team and game design teams are hard at work on many projects that we will be sharing with you all as soon as they are at peak performance!

Coming soon, FFA:
As you all know our goal here at Myntora is to create a few major long-term game modes while having an array of PvP mini-games that you can bounce to. With that, we will be adding to that arsenal with the release of Myntora FFA. This will be a fast-paced, always-running PvP game mode where you will constantly have the ability to be fighting. This means no waiting for games to start and no wait time in between deaths. We hope that this game mode will fill all of your mini-game style PvP needs! Myntora FFA is currently being created and we will come to you soon with further release information!