Terms and rules


The providers ("we", "us", "our") of the service provided by this web site ("Myntora") are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts. Content submitted express the views of their author only.

Much obliged to you for thinking about donating to Myntora. Myntora is a Minecraft server for the community and all donations go towards the expenses of working the server. Myntora is not cheap to keep up and all donations, substantial and little, are particularly valued by the Myntora Administrative Team.

Donations by clients have made Myntora conceivable and they enable us to take care of our expenses and put our opportunity and exertion into improving our administrations even. On the off chance that you have different ways you want to help us out, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

These Terms and Conditions are relevant for any donation(s) made at any date, with any virtual item(s) or rank(s) compensated, and with any sum given. We reserve the right to refresh these terms whenever, with or without notice to you. By donating to Myntora, you imply your acknowledgment of these terms and conditions, and you consent to take the guidelines and terms of administration for any Myntora administrations you utilize.


Expressed donations esteem is in US Dollars (USD).


Donations are accepted through our online store at store.myntora.net via PayPal or credit/debit card, which permits speedy and programmed transactions.


Donations made through Paypal are taken care of consequently by our framework. Perks ought to be connected within 30 seconds after the donations are made. For a rank donations, you may need to disconnect and reconnect with it to produce results. In the event that your new rank is not given to you within 5 minutes of making a PayPal or Debit/Credit card donation, you should contact a Myntora management team at [[email protected]].


Donations must be made with the communicated approval of the record holder or cardholder. Donations not made with communicated approval are not invited by Myntora and if issues emerge Myntora maintains whatever authority is needed to evacuate benefits and limit or expel the client's entrance to Myntora administrations.


Payments made to Myntora are non-refundable. Myntora will dependably try to give an agreeable result as is judged best by the Administrative Team for all players and Myntora all in all. We endeavor to be as straightforward as conceivable in our procedures and in what you ought to anticipate. Regardless of whether a Donator is as yet not happy with a result, a discount ought not to be normal, nor will it be given.


As an end-result of a donation to Myntora, the Donator may get a virtual in-game reward(s), at present as in-game benefits. This is done as an approach to thank clients who give and to perceive their instrumental help in looking after Myntora. These benefits are non-transferable, and the advantages, values, names, and weight of positions may change whenever with or without warning.


As a byproduct of donations to Myntora, clients may get an arrangement of benefits that relate to the level of donations made. The official rundown of the qualifications for each rank can be found on our site at http://www.store.myntora.net/. This page supersedes some other donation data, including that given by staff individuals or situated on the www.myntora.net web store. Myntora will do its best to respect the benefits it indicated to a client at the time that they gave. In any case, this isn't generally conceivable and Myntora claims all authority to roll out improvements to the reward plan and Myntora's administrations as Myntora sees fit.

Myntora maintains all authority to expel any benefits conceded whenever for any reason.


Changes may happen, for example, a server reset, information defilement, or client blunder, that could evacuate benefits or influence gameplay. We will do our best to reestablish benefits for current memberships and dynamic clients on favorable terms, however, a few things might be hopeless.

If you have any issues regarding payments, please email us at [[email protected]]. We are not affiliated with Mojang AB, therefore you should not contact them regarding payment issues.

AUTHORIZATION By agreeing you are stating that,

I) You have parental permission (unless the consumer is 16-years-old or older).

II) You have the authorization to use the debit/credit card and/or PayPal account to donate.

III) You will not chargeback, dispute, reverse any payments.

IV) You will not abuse your gifts and/or ranks.

V) We reserve the right to ban any account and IP-address (internet protocol) without notice for any reason.

VI) You understand there are no refunds and you cannot issue a refund.

VII) You agree not to sell any products from the online store or in-game for real-life currency.

If you do not agree to the terms listed above then please do not donate. Failure to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions can lead to a permanent ban or IP-ban from all of our services.

Protection Policy: Your data, regardless of whether open or private, won't be sold, traded, exchanged, or given to some other organization, without your assent, other than for the express reason for conveying the acquired item or administration asked.

If you have any issues regarding payments, please email us at [[email protected]]. We are not affiliated with Mojang AB, therefore you should not contact them regarding payment issues.